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In 2020, the industry’s output reached RMB 1.1 trillion, with the output of canned food and candy ranking first in China, and that of frozen aquatic products, fruit juice and vegetable juice drinks and refined tea ranking among the top in China.

Development Orientation

Committed to bolstering agriculture through science and technology, expanding green development, and strengthening agriculture through brand building, Fujian will grow its top ten major and local industries, including tea, forest and bamboo, vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, flowers and seedlings, edible fungi, rural tourism and rural logistics. We aim for total output of the whole industry chain to exceed RMB 3 trillion. We will expand agricultural parks and extend agricultural industrial and value chains. In addition, we will focus on promoting the development of raw material bases, product serialization, regional specialization, and high-end brands, and optimize the layout of local industries involving the processing of grain, oil, fruit, and vegetables in southeast Fujian, ecological foods in northwest Fujian, snacks in southern Fujian, as well as marine food and specialty alcoholic beverages and tea.

  • Aquatic Products Processing

  • Processing of Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Grain and Oil

  • Processing of Livestock and Poultry and Dairy Products

  • Snacks

  • Tea and Alcoholic Beverages

Key Investment Promotion Projects

  • Aquatic Product Deep-processing Project in Dongshan, Zhangzhou City
  • Green Plum Refined and Deep-processing Project in Zhao'an, Zhangzhou City
  • Edibile Fungus Industrial Cluster Project of Zhangzhou Hi-tech Zone
  • Deep-processing Medicinal Foshou Tea Project in Yongchun, Quanzhou City
  • High-end Traceable Agricultural Product Base and Deep-processing Project in Mingxi, Sanming City
  • Investment Promotion Project for Ecological Rabbit Breeding Industrial Chain in Datian, Sanming City
  • Marine Food Processing Base Project in Xiuyu, Putian City
  • Tea Industrial Park Project in Wuyishan, Nanping City

    Construct production and deep-processing projects of aquatic products like sea ears. Estimated investment of RMB 150 million.

    Give rein to the advantages of Zhao'an as the main national production base of green plums, attract refined and deep-processing projects of green plums and improve the green plum industrial chain. Estimate investment of RMB 1.5 billion.

    It is planned to construct an edible fungus industrial park and the main scope of construction covers fungus package production line, standard mushroom room, scrap material treatment plant and park infrastructure. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.

    With a planned covering area of 50mu, it will comprise a product development center and a production base. Estimated investment of RMB 100 million.

    The project will make use of the ecological advantages of Gaiyang Town in selenium and zinc-rich soils and the Gaiyang Motorway interchange that will be completed soon to construct a high-end traceable quality rice base. Estimated investment RMB 200 million.

    Develop intensive large-scale breeding enterprises for deep-processing and brand development of rabbit products. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.

    Rely on the national model zone of marine breeding farms in the sea area of Nanri Island to implement quality seed project of aquatic products. An aquatic product processing zone is planned for development of the deep-processing industry of "Nanri sea ear", laver, kelp, asparagus and other aquatic products. Estimated investment of RMB 5 billion.

    With a total planned covering area of 3,000mu, it will become a high-standard tea industrial park for processing, tea food production, packaging, warehousing, logistics and R&D purposes. Estimated investment of RMB 3 billion.