Development Orientation Key Projects Investment Policy Investment Carrier Investment Projects

In 2020,
the output of industrial companies with annual revenue of more than RMB 20 million increased by 1.1 percent year on year,
exceeding RMB 870 billion. The production and sale of loaders, medium and large-sized buses, automobile steel wheels, joint bearings,
road rollers, and small and medium-sized electrical machinery are at the forefront of advanced equipment manufacturing growth in China.

Development Orientation

Highlighting high-end and intelligent development, Fujian will focus on the development of automobiles, construction machinery, and electrical engineering and electric apparatuses, expand the intelligent manufacturing of special equipment, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, and improve supporting capacity for key basic components. By 2025, the volume of advanced equipment manufacturing in the province will reach RMB 1.2 trillion.

  • Cars

  • Construction Machinery

  • Electrical Engineering and Electric apparatuses

  • Intelligent Manufacturing of Special Equipment

  • High-end CNC Machine Tools and Robots

Key Investment Promotion Projects

We will implement the upgrading project of the electronic information manufacturing industry, emphasize the development of core enhancement and strong screen chain extension and chain reinforcement, and increase the development of key core technologies and equipment. We will actively develop the manufacturing of characteristic IC manufacturing OLED(AMOLED) new display LED autonomous computer complete machine and the network communication industry driven by 5G

  • High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Projects in Near-airport Economic Zone of Fuzhou City
  • Auto Engine Production Project in Minhou, Fuzhou City
  • New-energy Vehicle Project in Minhou, Fuzhou City
  • New-energy Vehicle Battery, Motor and Electric System Project in Minhou, Fuzhou
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project in Zhangzhou Hi-tech Zone
  • Manufacturing Project of Rare Earth Magnetos in Longyan City
  • Passenger Vehicle, Engine and Transmission Case Project in Jiaocheng , Ningde City
  • Model Project of Smart Production of Intelligent Interconnected Vehicles and Vehicle-road Synergy Application in Xiapu, Ningde City

    Preferentially develop high-end textile material, weaving equipment, AI equipment, new-energy auto part projects and establish a high-end equipment development and manufacturing system. The estimated investment amount depends on project conditions.

    Auto engine manufacturers will be attracted. The zone has well-established infrastructures that can satisfy industrial production needs. Estimated investment of RMB 2 billion.

    Introduce new energy vehicles and vehicle supporting projects to improve the auto-making industrial chain here. Estimated investment of RMB 5 billion.

    New-energy vehicle battery, motor and electric system and other auxiliary auto projects with an annual capacity of 300,000 sets will be attracted to improve the auto-making industrial chain. Estimated investment RMB 1.5 billion.

    It is expected to attract intelligent machinery manufacturing, precision machinery manufacturing and other hi-end equipment manufacturing projects. Estimated investment of RMB 10 billion.

    Rare earth marine magneto, rare earth windmill magneto, rare earth new-energy vehicle magneto, rare earth air-conditioner compressor magneto, rare earth train traction magneto and various types of mini-size and special-purpose motor manufacturing enterprises will be attracted. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.

    Engine assembly production lines, transmission case assembly line, auto part testing machine, industrial robot integrated application system and other projects will be attracted for R&D and production of 300,000 passenger vehicle engines, 300,000 transmission cases and 600,000 tyre assembly lines and transport of 600,000 vehicles. Estimated investment of RMB 4.35 billion.

    It primarily includes the design, R&D and testing of four functional sectors, i.e. high-end intelligent new-energy vehicle, smart production of vehicles and essential parts, remote big data cloud control and monitoring and vehicle service center. Infrastructures of vehicle-road synergy and interconnection and smart battery charging and replacement stations will also be constructed. Estimated investment of RMB 26 billion.