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In 2020,
output of industrial companies with annual revenue of more than RMB 20 million expanded by 6.6 percent year-on-year,
exceeding RMB 800 billion. Xiamen City and Fuzhou City are the main production bases for computers and new displays in the province.
Fujian has become one of the main production bases of terminal products such as flat panel displays, laptops, and LCD TVs in China, and one of China’s strongest and largest production bases for LED epitaxial wafers with the most complete varieties.

Development Orientation

Highlighting the need to improve the industrial chain for better chips and displays, Fujian will give priority to the development of specialized chips, flexible displays, LED screens, independent computer-integrated manufacturing, and 5G-driven network communications. Furthermore, we will carry out innovation in the digital economy, accelerate digital industrialization, and foster new-generation information technology industries such as big data, IoT, and AI. By 2025, the volume of electronic information and in the digital industry will witness a drastic increase, with that of the electronic information reaching RMB 1 trillion.

  • Integrated circuits

  • New display technologies

  • Computer and Network Communications

  • LED screens

  • Industrial Software and Big Data

  • IoT and IoV

  • AI

Key Investment Promotion Projects

We will implement the upgrading project of the electronic information manufacturing industry, emphasize the development of core enhancement and strong screen chain extension and chain reinforcement, and increase the development of key core technologies and equipment. We will actively develop the manufacturing of characteristic IC manufacturing OLED(AMOLED) new display LED autonomous computer complete machine and the network communication industry driven by 5G

  • "Venturing, Innovation and Creation Park" in Donghu, Changle, Fuzhou City
  • Electronic Information Flat-panel Display Industrial Project in Fuqing, Fuzhou City
  • Optoelectronic Industrial Project in Fuqing, Fuzhou City
  • "Venturing, Innovation and Creation Park" in Qishanhu, Minhou, Fuzhou City
  • Huidong Semiconductor Industrial Base Project in Hui'an, Quanzhou City
  • IC Industrial Base Project in Jinjiang, Quanzhou City
  • Smart Phone and IoT Smart Terminal Production Base Project in Xianyou, Putian City
  • Semiconductor Packaging and Production Project in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area

    The "Venturing, Innovation and Creation Park" of Donghu, Changle is located at the core area of Fuzhou Binhai New City. Based on China Southeast Big Data Industrial Park, it has a planned covering area of about 9.2sqkm. The park focuses on big data, cloud computing, IoT, AI, health and medical care, 5G and other prevailing industries and is expected to become a concentration zone of modern service industries that has the big data industry as the pillar industry. The estimated investment amount depends on project conditions.

    Upstream projects relating to chip R&D, module manufacturing, display material, display part and equipment maintenance and downstream production projects relating to cell phone, tablet computer, online educational terminal, video conference system, wearable device, medical display technology and application terminal of BeiDou Navigation Satellite will be attracted to improve the flat-panel display industrial chain. Estimated investment of RMB 200 million.

    Projects relating to optical instrument, optical lens, optical material, optical measurement, optoelectronic survey and control, video monitoring system and equipment, virtual reality and AR will be attracted. Measures will be taken for the development of the upstream and downstream enterprises and concentration of the industry on the basis of production and application of optical lens. Estimated investment of RMB 200 million.

    Guide the concentration and development of AI, data processing, R&D and application, digital technology and other industries, in order to develop China Southeast (Fujian) Science City. Estimated investment of RMB 10 billion.

    Construct a cross-strait collaborative hi-tech semiconductor industrial park and preferentially attract projects in 3D curvaceous cover plate, organic display material, gallium nit-ride IC, DUV epitaxial wafer, VSEL chip, COS chip packaging module, COF chip-level packaging flexible circuit factory, photo-etching equipment, nanometre silver flexible touch-control sensor, 12" recyclable wafer factory, flexible touch screen, etc. Estimated investment of RMB 25.8 billion.

    Develop an IC industrial chain ecology and preferentially attract chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment and material and terminal application projects. Estimated investment of RMB 30 billion.

    With a covering area of about 200mu, it primarily adopts the ODM mode for the R&D and production of smart phone, face-identifying terminal, sports fitness watch, smart school card, smart detector of pathogenic microorganism, smart desklamp, video live broadcast tablet and other IoT smart terminals. Estimated investment of RMB 2 billion.

    Hi-tech enterprises that specialize in semiconductor chip R&D, design, packaging, production, testing and sale will be attracted. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.