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  • Nanping Industrial Park in Fujian

    Nanping Industrial Park in Fujian

    IntroductionNanping Industrial Park is one of the province’s seven small and medium-sized enterprise development characteristic zones that specially supported by central finance, and is a provincial development zone with prominent driving effect for economic development of the city.I. Convenient transport system. The Park is about 2km away from Nanping North Station High-speed Rail Hub, about 40km away from Sanming Airport, Pucheng-Nanping Expressway, Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway and Beltway Expressway are in and interchanged in the park; when built, the harbor district in Yanping New Town, 500-ton cargo can be directly delivered to Mawei Port through the Minjiang River, and eventually formed three-dimensional transportation network.II. Sound infrastructure. The built-up area of the Park reached 5 square kilometers, the developed area was 7.326 square kilometers and additional 1.332 square kilometers industrial land can be listed for merchant. The supporting facilities, including Park Road, water, electricity, comprehensive service area and heat centers, etc., is well developed.III. Integrated development of industry and city. With high level of Industrial integrated development, until now, 151 enterprises have been put into production and the following industry leading enterprises have been established, including Sun Cable, Nanfu, Nanping Aluminum, Nanfang, EVONIK Jialian Chemical and Yuanli Co., Ltd, etc, to form three leading industries of equipment manufacturing, textile clothing and forest chemical. In 2016, the scale industrial output value was 22 billion RMB and the tax was 1.143 billion RMB, which has become the main growth pole of industrial economy and the main growth point of fiscal revenue in Nanping. At present, there are 5 listed companies, 12 national high-tech enterprises, 1 ‘Academician Expert Workstation’, 2 ‘Post-doctoral Workstation’ and 10 provincial enterprise technical centers in it.  ContactsTel: 0086-599-8621234Fax: 0086-599-8601080Website: www.fjnpgyyq.gov.cnAddress: Address: 9/F, Post Building, No.161 Bayi Road, Nanping City, Fujian Province

    Major industries:Digital Information、Light Industry