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  • Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries

    Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries

    IntroductionXiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries was established by the State Scientific and Technological Commission and Xiamen Municipal Government in December 1990, and approved as the first batch of National High-Tech Zones by the State Council in March 1991. It is one of the three National-level High-tech Zones titled with “Torch” in China, and has more than a dozen platforms of National-level incubation and industrial development. Currently, Xiamen Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone builds the grand platform of “One zone with multiple parks” for industrial development. The six pillar industries of flat panel displays, computer and telecom equipment, electric power equipment, software and information service, microelectronics and integrated circuit and LED has formed an industrial cluster with competitive edge, invigorating the economy of the Zone; emerging featured industries such as bio-medicine, new materials, new energy and cultural creativity are thriving. 29 companies of the World’s top 500 companies settle their investment projects here, and more than 6,000 companies gather here. The leading enterprises include AU Optronics, TPV, TPK, Tianma Microelectronics, Dell, ABB, Schneider, Leadcore, Panasonic, Nippon Electric Glass, Meiya Pico, Meitu, San’an Optoelectronics, Yilianzhong, G-bits, 4399, Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA, Sinobioway Medicine, Motic Medical Diagnostic Systems , ReSound, Clenergy Technology and etc. Some enterprises from Asian countries are attracted by Xiamen Torch Development Zone through actively investment promotion, particularly Japan NEG, one of the World’s top 3 global supplier of glass substrate has been introduced in 2014, which invested electric glass program. Panasonic, one of the World’s top 500 companies boasts Xiamen Electronic Information Co. Ltd., in 1993 and Xiamen Panasonic Manufacturing Co. Lts., in 1995. In 2016, the contracted foreign capital of Xiamen Torch Development Zone reached 494 million USD, which has completed 165% that ahead of plan, utilized 365 million USD of overseas investment, which has completed 101.5% that ahead of planContactsTel: 0086-592-5380110Fax: 0086-592-5380100Address: South Building, Torch Square, No.56-58, Torch Road, Xiamen CityWebsite: www.xmtorch.gov.cnEmail: hjbgs@xm.gov.cn

    Major industries:Curtural Innovation、Digital Information、Biomedicine、New Generation Of Information Technology、New Material、New Energy

  • Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Area

    Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Area

    IntroductionXiamen Xiangyu Bonded Area (hereinafter referred to as the bonded area) is one of the earliest bonded areas approved by the Chinese government, which has a total coverage of 0.63 square kilometers. Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Area locates in northwestern Xiamen, borders on Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. It was approved on Oct. 15th 1992, began to launch on Nov. 28th ,1993.  Up to the end of 2016,  there were 5898 companies registered in the area, the total amount of registered capital reached 116.5 billion RMB, of which 386 foreign companies among them, with registered capital of 7.35 billion RMB. The bonded area will focus on the development of five major business: bonded warehouse, export processing, international trade, inspection and maintenance, and merchandise display. The investment-oriented industries in bonded areas are mainly engaged in bonded warehouse, distribution and delivery of import, export consolidation, bonded processing (processing of imported materials and processing of supplied materials), inspection and maintenance, merchandise display, import and export trade, entrepot trade, transportation, logistics intermediary as well as the Software Financial Services. Many famous foreign companies had been established in the bonded, including Siontrasns Limited, Yuancheng Management Consulting, OOCL and so on.ContactsTel: 0086-592-6035831Fax: 0086-592-6035830Website: http://www.xmftz.xm.fj.cn/xxgkEmail: xygwh2008@163.com Address: No23, Xiangxing Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China

    Major industries:Logistics、Equipment Manufacturing、High-end Equipment Manufacturing、New Material

  • Xiamen Xiang 'an Industrial Park

    Xiamen Xiang 'an Industrial Park

    IntroductionIn March 2006, approved by the Fujian Provincial People's Government, Xiangbei Industrial Zone and the Yinlu Industrial Zone had been integrated and upgraded to Xiamen Xiang 'an Industrial Park, with the planning area of 1.56 square kilometers. After more than 10 years of sustained development, it has been expanded into four big industrial clusters, including Xiangbei, Shitou, Yinlu and Neicuo, which planning a total area of 11.88 square kilometers, until 2015, the developed area was 6.41 square kilometers. By the end of 2015, 80 enterprises that above designated size has already settled in the park, which accomplished the output value of more than 20.28 billion RMB, accommodates nearly 40,000 workers. Newly introduced golden grass biotechnology, delay jiang new materials, Benz 4S shop, etc.Xiang’An (Yinlu) Industrial Cluster: its planning area reached roughly 1.18 square kilometers. In 2015, the developed area was 1.18 square kilometers, 17 enterprises has been established in it. It mainly rely on Yinlu group and light industry, electronic information industry,equipment manufacturing, etc. In 2015, the gross industrial output of the enterprises above designated size totals 6.248 billion RMB.Xiang’An (Xiangbei) Industrial Clusters: its planning area ran up to 8.44 square kilometers. In 2014, the developed area was 3.51 square kilometers, 76 enterprises has been established in it. It features major investment in high intensity, high value-added and high technology content, low pollution and low energy consumption, in order to formed a comprehensive industrial park that rely on the coordinated development of electronic electrician, textile clothing, warehousing logistics, and other industries. In 2015, the gross industrial output of the enterprises above designated size totals 3.151 billion RMB.Xiang’An (Shitou) Industrial Cluster: its planning area reached 1.06 square kilometers. In 2015, 19 enterprises has been established in it. It mainly focus on the development of advanced manufacturing, including electronic information, electrical electrician, equipment manufacturing, and others, and cooperate with the Torch (Xiang 'an) Industry Area to form the industrial chain. In 2015, the gross industrial output of the enterprises above designated size totals 1.64 billion RMB.Xiang’An (Neicuo) Industrial Cluster: the planning area was 1.2 square kilometers, now, it is planning to build a modern logistics center, within storage, professional market, distribution logistics, logistics, information services and business services.ContactsTel: 0086-592-7889738Fax: 0086-592-7889238Email: gwh7889738@163.comAddress: In the north of No. 324 National Road, across the jurisdiction of Maxiang Town, Neicuo Town and Xinyu Town

    Major industries:Digital Information、Light Industry、Textile Industry

  • Xiamen Jimei (Xinglin) Taiwan Investment Zone

    Xiamen Jimei (Xinglin) Taiwan Investment Zone

    Introduction1. Introduction of Jimei(Xinglin) Taiwan Investment ZoneJimei, a shining pearl in the southeast coast of Fujian, is a place with humanity which is suitable for people to live in. It is located in the center of the triangle of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, and just separated from Jinmen, Taiwan by Taiwan Strait. The total area of Jimei is 276 square kilometers with more than 800,000 permanent resident population. Jimei and Xinglin Taiwan Investment Zones were approved by the State Council in 1992 and 1989 respectively, with the total planning area of 157.31 square kilometers, including 78 square kilometers in Jimei and 79.31 square kilometers in Xinglin.2. Leading Industries  After more than 30 years of development, Jimei(Xinglin) Taiwan Investment Zone has leading industrial chains of automobile manufacturing, computer and other electronic equipments, rubber and plastic products, as well as textile and apparel. The chains keep extending and supporting industries are improved gradually.3. Leading Enterprises in JimeiSo far,it has several industrial leader,including Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co.,Ltd. is the leading enterprise of automobile manufacturing industry. Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co.,Ltd. is the leading enterprise in computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing. Cheng Shin Rubber (Xiamen) Ind., Ltd. Century Ports Apparel (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd. is leading textile and apparel industry.4. Situation of Foreign Capital UtilizationIn 2016, the Contractual Foreign Investment amounts to 193.48 million USD.5. Highlights of Foreign Investment from Asian CountriesCurrently,there are 463 Asian enterprises registered in Jimei(Xinglin) Taiwan Investment Zone , with the total registered capital of 2096.98 million USD.ContactsTel: 0086-592-6665225Fax: 0086-592-6665155Website: www.jimei.gov.cnEmail: jxj@jimei.gov.cnAddress: No.898 Xingbin Road,Jimei,Xiamen

    Major industries:Digital Information、Textile Industry

  • Xiamen Haicang Bonded Port Area

    Xiamen Haicang Bonded Port Area

    IntroductionXiamen Haicang Bonded Port Area was approved by the state council on June 5th, 2008, with a total coverage of 9.51 square kilometers, it is one of the Special Customs Surveillance Zones which have the most openness and comprehensive function, as well as own the best policy and the most convenient clearance. It has closed to run for twice in Dec. 2010 and Mar. 2012, the area is 5.8 square kilometers, including 6 functional areas, namely, logistics storage, export processing, supporting services and so on. Xiamen Haicang Bonded Port Area aims to improve the ability of global optimal resource allocation, so far, many world-class famous enterprises, including Hella (the biggest automotive relay supplier in the world), Xiamen Tungsten Co.Ltd (the biggest tungsten company in the world), Spectrum Brands of the US and etc. Which has been established in it. It initially formed a modern industrial accumulation area that relies on port logistic, features bonded storage as characteristic, and give priority to high-end processing add-value service and out-sourcing service industry. In 2016, the gross industrial output value of it was 4.536 billion RMB, and the total tax revenue was 187 million RMB, total import and export volume was 2.337 billion USD. The cargo throughput of Xiamen Haicang Bonded Port was 96.95 million ton, accounts for 46.39% of Xiamen Port. The container throughput of it was 6.95 million, accounts for 72.32% of Xiamen Port. ContactsTel: 0086-592-6055556Fax: 0086-592-6892786Address: Haijing Road, Haicang District, Xiamen, China

    Major industries:Logistics