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  • LongYan National Economic & Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as LongYan National Hi-Tech Zone)

    LongYan National Economic & Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as LongYan National Hi-Tech Zone)

    Introduction1. Overview of LongYan National Hi-Tech ZoneLongyan City is located in the west of Fujian Province, known as the Western Fujian, which is a famous Old Revolutionary Base Area, the core area of the Chinese Soviet Area, and is also renowned at home and abroad as the Hakka’s Ancestral Area and Hometown of Overseas Chinese.Longyan National Hi-tech Zone is located in the south wing of Longyan Central City, including a national economic and technological development zone and a state-level high-tech industrial development zone. There are six towns under its jurisdiction with a total area of about 560 square kilometers and roughly 210,000 permanent resident population. The territory is rich in resources, such as coal, limestone, iron, lead and other mineral resources. It is provided with outstanding advantages, which is beautiful ecological environment and the forest coverage rate reached 78%.2. Industrial DevelopmentFocusing on the development of “333” industry, that is, strengthening 3 major industries of cars (special vehicles), engineering machinery, environmental science and technology, enlarging 3 emerging industries of photoelectric and new materials, bio-medicine, a new generation of information technology, improving 3 major modern service industries of e-commerce,modern logistics, and health regimen. The registered industrial and trading enterprises are more than 600 in the Zone, of which 128 are large industrial enterprises and 6 are listed companies. A number of leading enterprises such as the China Lonking Holdings Co., Ltd., Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. and Fujian Longma Environmental Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd. have gathered and initially formed industrial clusters of intelligent machinery, environmental technology, special vehicles, photoelectric new materials, bio-medicine and others.3. Utilization of Foreign Capital Currently, there are 24 foreign investment enterprises, and the actually utilized foreign capitals stand at 72.28 million USD in 2016.4. Highlights of Foreign Investment from Asian CountriesHong Kong-owned enterprises are including Fujian Longking Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., and Longking (Fujian) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. which is one of the world's top 50 construction machinery companies and has been listed on the Main Board in Hong Kong Exchange in 2005. Fujian Dongyuan Environmental Co., Ltd., as a Singapore-owned enterprise has been listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange in 2009.China Longking Holdings Co., Ltd.Fujian Newlongma Motor Co., Ltd.Fujian Xinlong Bus Co., Ltd.ContactsTel: 0086-597-2326371Fax: 0086-597-2312698Website: www.lyjkq.gov.cnEmail: 05972326371@lyjkq.gov.cnAddress: LongYan Longteng South Road 16

    Major industries:New Energy

  • Fujian Longzhou Industrial Zone

    Fujian Longzhou Industrial Zone

    IntroductionFujian Longzhou Industrial Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Zone) was founded in 2001, was approved by the provincial government in March 2006 as a provincial development zone. As an important carrier of the industrial development of Xinluo District, it is situated in the north of Longyan city, the core area adjacent to Minxi Trading Town, 5 kilometers distance from the downtown of the city. The main roads of Longyan, which are Dragon Road and No.3 North Ring Expressway that crosses the Zone, it gets very close to the entrance of Pu Yong expressway entrance, and from the LongYan Railway Station, West-Straits Longmen Logistics Zone within 5 kilometers. In the overall strategic pattern of West-Straits, it owns the outstanding location and comprehensive transportation advantages. It covers a planning area of 18.77 square kilometers, and formed“One Zone and Several Parks”pattern, including the Core Area, Dongbao Industrial Park, Longchi Industrial Park, Longfeng New Building Materials Industrial Park, Longtai New Materials Industrial Park, etc., the planned industrial land add up to 9.3 square kilometers. At present, the machinery industry has become the leading industry in the Zone, moreover, the core area is initially developed into mechanical manufacturing industry Zone which was composed of engineering machinery, transport machinery, environmental protection equipment and hard alloy. In 2016, gross industrial output value was 28.16 billion RMB, the main economic index ranks forefront of development zone in mountainous area in Fujian. There are 350 enterprises have been established in it, of which 293 enterprises has already been put into operation, 194 scale enterprises, 1 listed companies, 3 listed company in new three board, 5 subsidiary of listed companies, 5 ‘Post-doctoral Workstation’, 22 national high-tech enterprises, 5 provincial intellectual property pilot enterprises, 14 municipal intellectual property pilot enterprises, 6 provincial or above provincial level enterprise technology center, 30 municipal enterprise technology center, 1 China Famous Brand, 3 China Well-known Trademarks, 8 Fujian Famous Brand and 30 Fujian Famous Trademarks. Since 2009, the Zone has received in succession a number of honors, such as Top 100 National Science and Technology Demonstration Park, Provincial Civilized Unit, Fujian Safety Zone, Provincial Harmonious Labor Relations Industrial Park, etc.     Highlights of Foreign Investment from Asian Countries:Fujian Longtai Industry Co., Ltd. (Thailand) adopts self - developed New Energy Materials Technology from Bengbu Glass Industry Design Institute, in particular, general technical equipment has occupied domestic leading level and international advanced level.ContactsTel: 0086-597-3213660Fax: 0086-597-3213660Website: xlkjy@126.comEmail: xlkjy@126.com Address: No. 68 West Industrial Road, Xinluo District,  Longyan City, Fujian Provincena

    Major industries:Equipment Manufacturing、Biomedicine、New Material