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  • Quangang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Park

    Quangang Petroleum and Chemical Industry Park

    IntroductionQuan’gang District is located in the middle of Fujian coastal line and the south shore of Meizhou Bay, covering a land area of 321 km2 and marine area of 105 km2 with a population of around 390,000. According to , Quan’gang Petrochemical Industrial Park is Pioneer Zone of Meizhou Bay Petrochemical Industrial Base, it officially upgraded to provincial economic development zone in 2012, ranking among the top 20 in the petrochemical industrial zones in China for 4 years since 2013 in a row, as well as a national circular economy demonstration pilot zone.Land area of the park is 29.6 km2, divided into 4 sub-districts of Xianjing, Yangyu (Island), Lujian and Nanshan, of which 12.82 km2 has been developed and utilized and 8.06 km2 is being developed. The park has outstanding transportation advantages of railway, expressway and port, including Fuzhou-Xiamen Highway and Railway running through it, freight transport is realized on the railway coming to the port and the petrochemical railway, Zhangzhou (City) - Quanzhou (City) - Xiaocuo (Harbour District) Railway goes straight to the port, realizing seamless connection of combined transport of port and railway; Xiaocuo Port is one of the first national direct transportation points to link with Taiwan, 9 wharfs have been built including bulk cargo, container multi-functional and petrochemical liquid and etc. Which contains range from 1,000 to 100,000 tons. In public supporting facilities, it formed “10 Through and 1 Flat ” perfect infrastructural conditions, which are including water supply & drainage, power supply, air supply, heat supply, information network, heavy-cargo transportation, fire protection & special service, public pipe-rack and so on. Regarding industrial agglomeration, it mainly relies on “3 Countries and 4 Parties” (Fujian Province, SINOPEC, Exxon Mobil and Saudi Aramco) principle to jointly invest and establish a comprehensive utilization project that integrates 14 million tonnes/per-year of refinery capacity, 1.1 million tonnes/per-year of ethylene output, as well as Fujian Tianyou, which with the 2 million tonnes/per-year of tinpot oil deep processing for producing FREP, ethylene, propylene and other chemical products, realizing depth extension of the industry chain, requirements of surrounding markets are considered to focus on industry chain development of fine chemicals, including ethylene, propylene, C4s, C5s, benzene and new frontiers. So far 36 enterprises have been established in it, and the total industrial output value reached 64.35 billion RMB in 2016.Highlights of foreign investment from Asian countries and territories: 1. OTQ Wharf Storage Co., Ltd. (Singapore), with a total investment of 165 million USD.2. Yihai Kerry (Quanzhou) Cereal, Oli & Foodstuff Co., Ltd. (Malaysia), with a total investment of 55 million USD.ContactsTel: 0086-595-27728229Fax: 0086-595-27728270Website: www.pec.qg.gov.cnEmail: qzqgsh@163.comAddress: Land Trading Building, Zhong Xing Street, Hillside Road, Quangang District, Quanzhou City

    Major industries:Petrochemical

  • Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

    IntroductionQuanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone is situated at the southern gateway to Quanzhou, accounting for an integral part of Quanzhou’s Nanji New District. In June 2010, the development zone was promoted as a state-level economic and technological development zone. With the State Council’s approval, 9.5 square kilometers of Qingmeng Industrial Park and 3 square kilometers of Processing Trade Zone were assimilated in the development zone. Furthermore, the development zone features 4 square kilometers of special vehicle manufacture base in cooperation with Jinjiang County-level City and 15 square kilometers of Guanqiao Industrial Park in cooperation with Nan’an County-level City. The development zone has received in succession a number of honors, such as State Role Model for Harmonious Labor Relations, Highlighting Electronics and Information Technology Industrial Base of State Torch Program, State Role Model of New Type Industrialization (Light and Textile Industries), etc.     Currently, the development zone has fostered four pillar industries, namely, textile, shoes and garments, electronics and information technology, machinery manufacture, food and drug. In the area of textile, shoes and garments, Xtep and JOE ONE take the lead. In machinery manufacture, SEMCO and Black King Kong Automation lead the way. Riches and TDX Electronics spearhead electronics and information technology. Ankee Food and Pacific Food are industry leaders in food and drug.  Since the establishment, the development zone has accommodated a total of 195 foreign-funded enterprises, with the FDI stock of 1.53 billion USD and the contractual foreign investment of 1.03 billion USD. The foreign investment is focused on manufacture. Asian countries and territories account for the principal source of foreign investment, highlighted by Goldstar Lotus (from Malaysia), Samsung Electro (from South Korea), etc., contributing 98% of the FDI stock in the development zone. ContactsTel: 0086-595-22353014Fax: 0086-595-22353017Website: www.qingmeng.gov.cnEmail: qzkfqzhk@163.comAddress: No.3 Zhengtai Road, Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Quanzhou, Fujian Province

    Major industries:Equipment Manufacturing、Digital Information、Biomedicine、Textile Industry