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  • Sanming Puling Automobile Industrial Park

    Sanming Puling Automobile Industrial Park

    IntroductionPuling Automobile Industrial Park of Sanming is a provincial level economic development zone established with the approval of Fujian Provincial Government, an integral part of the ecological manufacturing and trading area on the western coast of the Taiwan Strait. It stands as a key automobile industrial park highlighted in the Development Planning of Advanced Manufacture on the Western Coast of the Taiwanese Strait by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The industrial park is under the joint development between Sanming City and Yong’an County-level City. It is dedicated to the development of automobile manufacture, new energy cars and accessories. The planned area of the industrial park is 20 square kilometers, and the first phase of the planning covers 7.67 square kilometers. Several dozens of enterprises have been established in the industrial park, including Sinotruk Fujian Haixi Truck Co., Ltd., Core Power (Fujian) New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., Fujian Foday Automobile Co., Ltd., Yongan Fujian Bearing Co., Ltd., etc. These enterprises are engaged in automobile manufacture, special vehicles, accessory making, trade, logistics, etc. The industrial park has already obtained the yearly production capacity of 200 thousand vehicles. Equipped with sophisticated infrastructure and complete supporting facilities, the industrial park is more than competent to accommodate the automobile industry. ContactsTel: 0086-598-3815868Fax: 0086-598-3815388Email: fjyaqcy@163.comAddress: No.66 Puling Road, Yong’an County-level City, Fujian Province

    Major industries:Equipment Manufacturing、High-end Equipment Manufacturing