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  • The Beian Development Zone of Meizhou Bay

    The Beian Development Zone of Meizhou Bay

    IntroductionThe Beian Development Zone of Meizhou Bay was established under the approval of the People's Government of Fujian Province in 1996. Putian Municipal Government adjusted the jurisdiction of the Beian Development Zone and re-listed in 2010, the Beian Development Zone was classified as one of the top 10 new economic growth area in the province by the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. The Beian Development Zone covers an area of 1370 square kilometers, includes ShanTing, Zhongmen, Dongpu towns, 38 villages, and household population of 150,000 people. In 2016, the regional GDP reached 6.14 billion RMB, increasing by 9.5%, the total investment in fixed asset investment (exclude farmers) amount to 31.211 billion RMB, increasing by 17.5%, the total fiscal revenue run up to 711 million RMB. These three major economic indicators were 3.5 times, 156 times and 4.6 times compared with 2007.The Beian Development Zone focus on the development of electric power,textile material, food processing,coal port integration,ecological energy and other leading industries. In the area of electric power industry, the Thermal Power Plant Phase I with total investment of 6.6 billion RMB and Wind Power Plant take the lead, which are invested by Genting Meizhou Bay Electric Power Company Limited and Longyuan Power Generation Co., LTD respectively. In the area of textile material industry, Sateri Differential Fibre Project lead the way, with total investment of 3.5 billion RMB which invested by Royal Golden Eagle (Singapore). In the area of Coal & Port & Electricity Integration Industry, the International Trust & Investment Coal Blending Base and in the trial operation stage of Meizhou Bay Power Plant Phase II project are industry leaders. In the area of Food Processing Industry, the leader is the Grain and Oil Deep Processing Project which was invested by Herun Group with 10 billion RMB. In the area of  Ecological Energy Industry, the LNG Receiving Station Project remains the leader which was invested by Hanas LNG Co.Ltd with the total investment of 10 billion RMB.In 2016, the development zone utilized 40 million USD of foreign investment. which is increased by 14.29%. The growth rate ranks the first in Putian City. The point of financial support mainly from the fully funded by Meizhou Bay Thermal Power Plant Project.Highlights of Foreign Investment from Asian Countries:Phase I & II of Sateri Fiber Project which were invested by Singapore Golden Eagle Group, so far, both are running well. The planned investment of Phase III of Sateri Fiber Project amounts to 5.9 billion RMB, now, it is carrying out preliminary work. The Phase I of Meizhou Bay Power Plant was invested by Malaysia Genting Group, which is in a well-run stage. The Phase II of the project is in trial operation officially, with the investment of 1.1 billion RMB. The Phase III of Meizhou Bay Power Plant had signed an Agreement of Intention, currently, the project is in planning stage.ContactsTel: 0086-594-5989797Fax: 0086-594-5969797Website: www.ptmzwba.gov.cnEmail: mzwba@126.comAddress: Beian Development Zone of Meizhou Bay,Xiu Yu District,Pu Tian City

    Major industries:Tourism、Logistics