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  • Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic & Technological Development Zone

    Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic & Technological Development Zone

    Introduction of CMZDState Development Zone, Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic andTechnological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as CMZD), locates in the northernmost of Zhangzhou’s coastline, south bank of Xiamen Bay. It is only 3.5 sea mile away from Xiamen.CMZD was established on Dec. 28,1992, with the aim of constructing a coastal city with perfect function and beautiful environment.Traffic network extended in all directions: bus to Xiamen airport costing 45 minutes and ferry boat to Xiamen city center taking only 15 minutes. The Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bridge, highway makes the living circle between Xiamen and the Zone within 30 minutes. Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou Intercity Rail Line ( R3)has formally launched, which vigorously promote the urban integration.Double Happiness Island, the first case as profit-oriented usage of ocean, smoothly entered the stage of construction and will complete the whole development in 2024.Leading IndustryCMZD has formed Three Industrial Clusters: Transportation Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Metal Processing Industry and Oil & Foodstuffs Processing Industry. After 25 years of development, CMZD has entered into the “Transformation and  Upgrading, Leaping Development” stage. Since 2016, Software and Information Basis, Smart Car Town, Health and Medical Center, Intelligent Manufacturing and Cultural&Tourism has already became the key issues of industrial layout , which are planning to build 5 Ten Billion Level Industrial Clusters. With the rapid growth of the tertiary industry, Huawei,Tecent,EonVR, Movie & Production Base and many other emerging industrial enterprises have entered into the zone, which enhances the business advantage of CMZDIndustrial LeadersHuisman (China) Limited Company - Top 10 Leading Marine Industry in Fujian ;Noell (China ) Limited Company - Top 10 Leading Marine Industry in Fujian Louis Dreyfus (Fujian) - One of the World Top 500 Companies and 4 Major Food Dealers in the world; Cargill (Zhangzhou)Limited Company - One of the World Top 500 Companies and 4 Major Food Dealers in the world; Weicheng Oil Limited Company - the 1st Foreign Investment Palm Oil Manufacturing Enterprise in Fujian; Zhangzhou CIMC - The output and sales volume of Container is ranking first in Fujian SHOUGANG Kaixi Steel Limited Company - A join venture comapny that invested by SHOUGANG Steel Group and Kaixi Private enterprise;Situation of Foreign Capital UtilizationDepends on good port resources, convenient transportation, unique management system and well services, CMZD has attracted a lot of investors such as the world top 500 enterprises and industry leading enterprises from United States、Germany、Italy、Singapore、Holland 、Japan、Hongkong、Taiwan,etc.Highlights of Foreign Investment from Asian Countries The capital mainly come from Singapore、Hongkong、Taiwan, etc.ContactsTel: 0086-596-6851001Fax: 0086-596-6851030Website: www.cmzd.comEmail: zhengshaojun@cmhk.comAddress: 7F, China Merchants Economic&Technological Development Zone, fujian, PRC

    Major industries:Modern Agriculture、Logistics、Internet Economy、Equipment Manufacturing、Digital Information、New Generation Of Information Technology

  • National Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone

    National Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone

    IntroductionZhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, located at the mouth of Jiulong River, borders Haicang District of Xiamen in the east and Zhangzhou City on the west. With the total area of 163.7 km2, it has a resident population of 273,000. It is planned to be the Sub-Central Urban District of Zhangzhou and also as an important component of “Half-an-Hour Economic Circle” and Gulf-based Urban Construction of Xiamen Island. Relying on a unique geographical advantage,dense forest coverage and river net is abundant of water resources,which means that Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone enjoy rich available fresh water and land resources,as well as a complete set of supporting facilities and preferential policies. With these characteristics,it has became a hot land of investment and Entrepreneurial Base in the triangle of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in Southern Fujian.Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone focuses on building an Advanced Manufacturing Base that targeted to Taiwan for communication & cooperation,and  formed a modern industrial system with the features of a costal city. It has fostered a cluster with 5 major industries, including Special Iron, Automobile and Accessory, Electronics and Household Appliance, Food Industry, Papermaking and Paper Products. Thus, It has created a new situation of multidisciplinary resource integration. The GDP of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone reached 22 billion RMB,it has actually utilized foreign investments of 145 million USD,the total industrial output value of 60.25 billion RMB,the fixed-asset investment of 27 billion RMB and the total fiscal revenue of 2.91 billion RMB. So far,it has 28 foreign investment projects with the total amount of investment exceed 20 million USD,which includes 12 Taiwanese enterprises;9 foreign investment projects with the total amount of investment exceed 100 million USD,which includes 6 Taiwanese enterprises;61foreign-owned enterprises with the Industrial output value of more than 10 million RMB,which includes 13 Taiwanese enterprises;and 8 Taiwanese enterprises with the Industrial output value exceed  1 billion RMB. In 2016,it has 8 Provincial-level leading enterprises,including Kingcan,CCP and etc.                         ContactsTel: 0086-596-6777121Fax: 0086-596-6718999Website: www.tiz.gov.cnEmail: tiz6718999@163.comAddress:  No.1 Wenpu Road, Jiaomei Town, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, Fujian Province

    Major industries:Petrochemical、Equipment Manufacturing、High-end Equipment Manufacturing、New Material

  • Dongshan Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Dongshan Economic and Technological Development Zone

    IntroductionDongshan Economic and Technological Development Zone approved by the State Council on January 20, 1993, is one of the five state-level economic and technological development zones in Fujian province, with the total planning area of 10 square kilometers. At present,the supporting services and facilities within 5 square kilometers areas has been completed development, it initially formed the industrial structure that contains aquatic products processing industry, food processing industry and metal & plastic products manufacturing industry. In 2011, the county committee and the county government decided to build a "2 Ten Billion RMB Level Industrial Parks", including the Glass and New Material Industrial Park and the Marine Biotechnology Park, the Glass and New Material Industrial Park with a total investment of 15 billion RMB,its planning area covers about 3.9 square kilometers,and the main industries give priority to some related glass and new material industries, such as offline reducing radiation coating hollow glass, low-e glass, super white toughened glass and automotive glass. The annual output value is expected to reach 20 billion RMB upon the commencement of full operation. The total investment of Marine Biotechnology Park amounts to 17.9 billion RMB and covers the planning area of about 9.99 square kilometers, it mainly focus on deep processing of aquatic products and marine biotechnology pharmaceutical industry, etc. The annual output value is expected to reach 36 billion RMB upon the commencement of full operation. Recently, the infrastructure of these two parks is now being built,including the electricity, water supplement, transportation and sewage treatment are gradually improved, so far, some enterprises have stationed in the parks and went into operation. The leading enterprises in the Dongshan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Two Parks, including Haikui Aquatic Products Group Co., LTD, Zhangzhou Qibin Glass Co., LTD., Fujian Tengxin food Co., LTD., Dongshan Rongfeng Food Co., LTD., Dongshan Huachang Foodstuff Co., LTD., etc. Since the establishment of Dongshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, 155 foreign enterprises have invested in it, with a total investment of 1.118 billion USD, the contractual foreign investment amounts to 1.04 billion USD and the actual use of foreign capital is 600 million USD.Highlights of foreign investment from Asian countries: Dongshan County Haikui Aquatic Products Group Co., LTD was invested by a Singapore enterprise, with a total investment amounts to 56 million USD, it mainly engaged in deep processing of aquatic products and etc.ContactsTel: 0086-596-5885867Fax: 0086-596-5885790Website: http://dskfq.dongshandao.gov.cnEmail: dskfq@163.comAddress: No. 342, Zeyuan Road, Baishi Street Xipu Town, Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province 

    Major industries:Modern Agriculture、Equipment Manufacturing、Biomedicine

  • Hua’an Economic Development Zone

    Hua’an Economic Development Zone

    IntroductionHua’an Economic Development Zone is situated in Fengshan Town, the southern part of Hua’an County. The development zone covers 78 square kilometers, with 62 square kilometers under plan and approximately 15 square kilometers already developed. The development zone was launched in 2005. The Management Committee of Hua’an Industrial Hub was established in 2007. In 2010, the development zone was approved by the provincial government as a provincial level economic development zone.  Currently, the development zone houses 163 enterprises and 180 projects, with the total investment of 33 billion RMB. Five industrial clusters have taken shape, namely, advanced equipment manufacture, energy conservative and environment friendly materials, organic food, furniture and electronics and information technology. Counted among the industry leaders are Longshine Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Zijin Construction Materials Co., Ltd. and Zhengxing Wheel Group Co., Ltd.In 2016, Hua’an Economic Development Zone utilized 14.63 million USD of foreign investment, including 2.877 million USD from I Domain Metal Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., 753 thousand USD from Zhangzhou Zhoulong Gymnastical Equipment Co., Ltd. and 11 million USD from Zinus Inc. In 2016, Zhangzhou utilized 1, 163.66 million USD, and Hua’an Economic Development Zone accounted for 12.57% of the amount. ContactsTel: 0086-596-7287376Fax: 0086-596-7287838Website: www.qingmeng.gov.cnEmail: bgs7287376@163.comAddress:Southern Gateway, Fengshan Town, Hua’an Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China

    Major industries:Equipment Manufacturing、Digital Information、New Material、New Energy