Fujian’s digital economy key projects total investment reaching 131 billion yuan this year

From:Fujian International Investment Promotion Center Date:2024-04-09【Font:large regular

Recently, the Fujian Provincial Data Management Bureau announced the “Notice on Issuing the List of Digital Economy Key Projects for 2024” (hereinafter referred to as “the Notice”) on Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission website. The Notice specifies that there will be a total of 108 digital economy key projects in Fujian Province in the year 2024, with a total investment of 131 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 27.2 billion yuan.

According to the Notice, the key projects for Fujian Province’s digital economy in 2024 are categorized into four major sectors: digital product manufacturing industry, digital technology application industry, digital factor driven industry, and digitalization-based efficiency enhancement industry.

Among these, digital product manufacturing sector involves 58 projects represented by Ruijie Network’s new-type large model-oriented network device, Xiamen Tianma Optoelectronics’ G8.6 new-type display production line, and Zhangzhou Shengyuan Intelligent Technology’s smart wearable devices, etc.

Digital technology application sector provides support for five projects including Fujian Province Integrated Service and Operation & Maintenance Support Platform for information technology application innovation industry, Fuzhou Marine Satellite Internet Application, and Rongji Integrated Information and Creation Smart Application Support Platform, among others.

Digital factor driven sector gathers 20 projects including Digital Fujian Cloud Computing Center Artificial Intelligence Public Service Platform, Xiamen Digital Industrial Computing Center, and Sanming HiSea Satellite Data Operations Center, etc..

Digitalization-based efficiency enhancement sector holds 25 projects including Xiamen Kinglong Commercial Vehicle Industry Chain Digital Integration Platform and Application Demonstration, Zhangzhou Sanbao Iron and Steel Green and Low-carbon Industrial Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Platform, and Sanming Intelligent and Digital Agriculture Industry Ecological Platform, etc.