Industrial Clusters

  • New Materials Industry

    New Materials Industry

    Development OrientationHighlighting refined and deep processing and high value-added applications, Fujian will make breakthroughs in core technologies, especially those of key strategic materials, in order to bolster its advanced basic materials and improve the supporting capacity of new materials.1. Advanced Basic Materials2. Key Strategic MaterialsKey Investment Promotion Projects1.Carbon Fiber High-performance New-type Material Project in Pinghe, Zhangzhou CityThe existing industries of Pinghe Industrial Park will be availed to develop a production base of carbon fiber high-performance new-type materials with a planned covering area of about 1,000mu. Estimated investment of RMB 200 million.2. Photo-resist Project in Hui'an, Quanzhou CityWith a covering area of about 100mu, it is expected to develop a photo-resist production and R&D project. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.3. 100,000t/a High-end Graphite Cathode Materials  Production Base Project in Yong'an, Sanming CityA 100,000t/a high-end graphite cathode material production line will be constructed, including production workshops and accessory facilities. The graphite zone already has the corresponding industrial facilities and the preliminary formalities have been cleared for the project. Estimated investment of RMB 3 billion.4. 1,000,000sqm/a Wide Grapheme Membrane Roll Production Base Project in Yong'an, Sanming CityConstruct a 1,000,000sqm/a wide graphene membrane roll production base together with the production workshops and accessory facilities. The park has been furnished with the corresponding industrial facilities and the preliminary formalities have been cleared for the project. Estimated investment of RMB 500 million.5. New Material Scientific Innovation Valley Project in Shanghang, Longyan CityPrimarily attract fluorine materials, lithium battery materials, electrochemical materials and other new material manufacturing enterprises. Estimated investment of RMB 16.8 billion.6. 20,000t/a Rare Earth Reagent and Modified Material Production Project in Changting, Longyan CityAttract financially and technically viable enterprises to develop a 20,000t/a rare earth reagent and modified material production line. Estimated investment of RMB 300 million.7. Magnesium-calcium Industrial Park Project in Wuping, Longyan CityDevelop downstream magnesium materials and extended products with a high added value; develop a new magnesium-calcium material industrial park; preferentially develop downstream nanometre calcium carbonate, magnesium hydrate product series and magnesium oxide product series. Estimated investment of RMB 8 billion.8. New Zirconium-magnesium Material Industrial Park in Shouning, Ningde CityAttract new zirconium-magnesium material production projects. Estimated investment of RMB 965 million.
  • New Energy Industry

    New Energy Industry

    Development OrientationFujian will make full use of the development opportunities of the new energy industry brought by the requirements of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality to vigorously develop new energy industries such as photovoltaics, wind power, hydrogen energy, smart grid, and energy storage. Highlighting efficient, economical, and innovative development, Fujian will promote the use of new energies in different sectors with an attempt to build a coastal innovation corridor for the new energy with a high output of technologies, standards, achievements, and equipment that rolls R&D, manufacturing, and application into one and enjoys international influence.1. Photovoltaics2. Wind Power3. Hydrogen Energy4. Smart Grid5. Energy Storage.Key Investment Promotion Projects1. New Energy Concentration Project in Quanzhou Economic Development ZonePreferentially attract new-energy enterprises and trade and commercial service enterprises in the park for simultaneous development of the park and the local economy. Estimated investment of RMB 100 million.2. Rare Earth Hydrogen Storage Power Battery Construction Project in Ninghua, Sanming CityNinghua County has the only licensed rare earth mining enterprise within Sanming. A rare earth hydrogen storage power battery production project will be attracted. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.3. Grapheme-based Lithium Battery Production Project in Datian, Sanming CityConstruct a grapheme-based lithium battery production project, including a 100t/a grapheme production line, a 3,000t/a grapheme-cladded lithium iron phosphate production line, a 4,000t/a grapheme-cladded ternary material production line, a 5,000t/a cladded cathode material production line and a 1GWH/a grapheme-based lithium ion electric core and pack production line. Estimated investment of RMB 3.5 billion.4. Small Battery Ecological Industrial Park Project in Nanping Industrial Park With a planned covering area of 180mu, it will have Nanfu Battery as the base and preferentially attract color printing, packaging, steel casing, current collector and other upstream and downstream enterprises of battery. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.5. High-energy Density Lithium Battery Production and R&D Project in Shanghang, Longyan CityHigh-energy density lithium battery manufacturing and R&D enterprises will be attracted. Estimated investment of 1.5 billion. 6. Lithium Battery New-energy Industrial Project in Gutian, Ningde CityLithium battery and new-energy industrial chain projects will be attracted. Estimated investment of RMB 2 billion.
  • Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry

    Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry

    Development OrientationWith a focus on saving energy, recycling, and low carbonization, Fujian will develop demonstration bases for atmospheric treatment equipment production and technology, demonstration bases for solid waste handling equipment and technology, production bases for UV-C equipment and membrane equipment, and demonstration bases for the comprehensive utilization of resources. Furthermore, Fujian will guide the concentrated development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and further enhance technology integration and integration capability.1. High-efficiency Energy-saving Equipment2. Advanced Environmental Protection Equipment3. Resource Recycling Equipment4. Energy-saving MaterialsKey Investment Promotion Projects1.Artistic Restoration Project of Yangzi Mountain in Nan'an, Quanzhou CityOrganically integrate mine ecology restoration, environment treatment and infrastructure construction; preferentially treat mine pits, restore mountain ecology, improve water bodies and construct public roads and pipes, public infrastructures, folk culture center and ecology restoration and research center. Estimated investment of RMB 4.05 billion.2. Comprehensive Utilization and Development Project of Tailing Slag in Datian, Sanming CityConstruct new-type environment protection equipment for extraction of multiple metal elements of tailings; use other tailing slags for the production of cement and new-type accessory materials of environment-friendly bricks; utilize the tailing slags generated during tailing storage and production, with an annual consumption of 2,000,000t tailing. Upon completion, it can generate an annual operating income of 4 billion Yuan and a pretax profit of 500 million Yuan. Estimated investment of RMB 1.5 billion.3. Waste Activated Carbon Resource Recycling Project in Jian'ou, Nanping City Develop a waste activated carbon resource recycling project with an annual waste activated carbon treatment capacity of 20,000 tons and a regenerated activated carbon production capacity of 8,000 tons. Estimated investment of RMB 100 million.4. Plant-sourced Pesticides with Tobacco Wastes and High-nicotine Tobacco Production Project in Xinluo, Longyan City Attract technically viable and interested enterprises that will plant high-nicotine tobaccos on slopes and wastelands and utilize the tobacco wastes generated during tobacco production in Fujian, Jiangxi and Guangdong to produce plant-sourced biological pesticides. Estimated investment of RMB 5 billion.5. Recyclable Material Industrial Park Project in Xinluo, Longyan CityPreferentially attract environment-friendly and energy-saving hi-tech enterprises for dangerous solid and waste treatment and recyclable material production. Estimated investment of RMB 5 billion.
  • Biological & New Pharmaceutical Industry

    Biological & New Pharmaceutical Industry

    Development OrientationFujian has been committed to innovative development with local features, with a focus on biological drugs, chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, medical devices, and bio-manufacturing industries.1. Biological Drugs2. Chemical Drugs3. Traditional Chinese Medicine4. Medical Devices5. Bio-manufacturingKey Investment Promotion Projects1. Caimmao Biopharmaceutical Science and Technology Park Project in Cangshan, Fuzhou CityThe former Caimao Garment Mall was renovated and upgraded. A bio-pharmaceutical science and technology park with a carrier area of 150,000sqm will be constructed as the carrier for investment promotion in the bio-pharmaceutical and medical instrument industry. Estimated investment of RMB 1 billion.2. Ruike Pharmaceutical and Health Industrial Park Project in Cangshan, Fuzhou CityThe project has a total covering area of about 76mu. It is expected to become an industrialization and model base for Internet+ medical service, pharmaceutical and medical device R&D, etc. Estimated investment of RMB 770 million.3. Medical Device Industrial Base Project in Jinjiang, Quanzhou CityCapitalize on the opportunity of the joint development of a regional medical center of traumatic orthopedics with Shanghai No. 6 People's Hospital to attract a series of hi-tech medical device enterprises, develop a high-end medical industrial service platform and develop an industrial cluster of medical equipment R&D, production and sale, primarily including orthopaedic treatment devices. The estimated investment amount depends on project conditions.4. Sequoyitol Derivative New Drugs  Production Project in Mingxi, Sanming CityAttract production lines of sequoyitol derivative preparation that is an anti-diabetes new drug. Mingxi County has rich Chinese yew resources with a planting area of over 3,000mu now. Estimated investment of RMB 200 million.5.Medical and Health Preservation Device Base Project in Xiuyu, Putian CityAvail the advantageous private medical resources of Putian to plan and construct a medical device and bio-pharmaceutical R&D and production base, headquarters base and warehousing and logistics base. Estimated investment of RMB 3 billion.6. High-end Medical Devices Production Project in Changting, Longyan CityAttract and produce medical device enterprises with a high technical intensity, including intelligent recuperation, medical cosmetics, middle and high-end in-vitro diagnostic reagent, high-value medical consumables, etc. Estimated investment of RMB 5 billion.7. Medical Equipment Manufacturing Project in Gutian, Ningde CityWith a planned covering area of about 250mu, this project primarily produce medical and fitness equipment, including sleep monitor, body temperature monitor, cloud blood pressure gauge, dynamic analytical instrument, low-temperature freezing equipment, dialysis equipment, first-aid device, laser operation instrument, ultrasonic operation and therapeutic device, recuperation machinery, handicapped deviice, etc. Estimated investment of RMB 600 million.8. Greater Health Model Park Project in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental AreaIt is expected to avail the cross-strait resources in the greater health sector to develop a greater health model park with a concentration of cross-strait medium and small-size health enterprises. Estimated investment of RMB 1.5 billion.
  • Marine High-tech Industry

    Marine High-tech Industry

    Development OrientationFujian will step up efforts to build a “Maritime Fujian” speed up the cultivation of marine high-tech industries such as high-tech shipbuilding, marine engineering equipment, marine drugs, and biological products. It will gradually convert its marine advantages into economic advantages to achieve greater breakthroughs in developing the province’s marine economy.1. High-tech Shipbuilding2. Offshore Engineering Equipment3. Marine and Biological ProductsKey Investment Promotion Projects1. Marine Bio-pharmaceutical and Fitness Product Project in Dongshan, Zhangzhou CityDevelop production projects of biomedical capsules, oral liquid, tablet and marine fitness food. Estimated investment of RMB 320 million.2. R&D and Production Project of Offshore Wind Power Essential Component and Material in Zhao'an, Zhangzhou CityConstruct an offshore wind power manufacturing industrial park. Estimated investment of RMB 3 billion.3. Offshore Wind Power Equipment Industrial Base Project in Xiuyu, Putian CityAvail the rich offshore wind power resources of Putian City and plan and develop an integrated industrial base that comprises an offshore wind turbine test center, offshore wind turbine production base, wind turbine export base and offshore wind power operation, maintenance and training base. Estimated investment of RMB 5 billion.4. Marine Pharmaceutical and Biological Product Industrial Project in Xiuyu, Putian CityPlan to attract several hi-tech enterprises; avail the special marine biological resources of Xiuyu to develop marine biological medicine, marine utility food, marine biological material, marine biological product and other sectors and develop a marine pharmaceutical and biological product industrial park. Estimated investment of RMB 10 billion.5. Deep-sea Fish Farming Net Cage Construction Project in Fu'an, Ningde CityConstruct deep-sea fish farming net cages for deep-sea fish farming. Estimated investment of RMB 8 billion.