Putian International Logistics Port Project


People's Government of Xiuyu District, Putian City, Fujian Province

Project Area:

putian Wat Shi Town, Xiuyu District, Putian City


Type of Project:

New Project

Cooperation Mode:

Nature of Project:


Working Progress in Prior Period:


Total Investment:

1000000 ten thousand RMB

Expected to Attract Investment:

1000000 ten thousand RMB

Benefit Analysis:


Reason and Condition:


Content and Scale:

The planned land is about 4,000 mu, and the first phase covers an area of about 1,195 mu, and the construction of an inland port integrating modern logistics services such as fujian distribution center for automobile and railway transportation, express mail, consolidation, cold chain logistics, professional warehousing, cross-border e-commerce, and information services; The second phase of the construction of a comprehensive bonded zone, basically forming a modern logistics center for transportation and distribution, information processing, bonded warehousing, processing and commercial support; The third phase expands the scope of the hinterland market, improves the service level of the park, strengthens the logistics channels of Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces, and covers the logistics distribution and distribution centers in the four provinces.