Nanjianban quality development project


Muyang Town People's Government

Project Area:

ningde-fu'an Muyang River nanjianban Jiangxinzhou, Muyang Town, Fu'an City


Type of Project:

New Project

Cooperation Mode:

Nature of Project:


Working Progress in Prior Period:

Scheme design in progress.

Total Investment:

5000 ten thousand RMB

Expected to Attract Investment:

5000 ten thousand RMB

Benefit Analysis:

Reason and Condition:

Content and Scale:

Taking advantage of the unique ecological environment of Muyang River and nanjianban Jiangxinzhou, quality development projects such as rope sliding, rock climbing and gun shooting are arranged on Jiangxinzhou. The project site is within 40 minutes from the traffic radius of Ningde main emerging industry cluster, which perfectly matches the team quality development needs of enterprises and institutions, and the project income is stable.