People's Government of Xiuyu District, Putian, Fujian
Project Area:
putian Xiuyu District
Light and Textile Industry
Type of Project:
New Project
Cooperation Mode:
Individual Proprietorship,Joint Venture
Nature of Project:
Working Progress in Prior Period:
In promoting
Total Investment:
1000000 ten thousand RMB
Expected to Attract Investment:
1000000 ten thousand RMB

Modern Textiles and Garments Industry

In 2020, industrial companies with annual revenue of more than RMB 20 million increased their added value by 6.7 percent year on year, with revenue exceeding RMB 1.1 trillion. A complete industrial chain from chemical fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and clothing to professional markets has been put in place. The output of yarn, grey cloth, and chemical fiber ranked among the top in the country, which makes Fujian into China’s largest production base for sports shoes.